Safety is our number one priority. Your family needs to be safe. We know that buying a storm shelter or safe room can often be confusing with all the different materials used and different designs on the market. Here at Great Plains Storm Shelters we’re going to cut through the crap and break it down into simple terms for you.  We’ll walk you through the necessary steps to see if a storm shelter or safe room works best for your situation and what size fits your needs.  If we don’t offer that type of shelter we can refer you to a reputable company that will help you provide safety for your family.


We manufacture the safest underground storm shelters in the industry. The storm shelters we build are made out of 12ga steel and are backed by a 20 year warranty to not leak or float. The smallest storm shelter is a 6×6 unit that has ample seating for 6-8 adults and starts at $4599. Our most popular unit is our 6×8 storm shelter that provides seating for 8-10 adults and is priced at $4799. These prices include the storm shelter, delivery and installation anywhere in the Tulsa area.

We also offer a full line of precast concrete underground storm shelters for the more budget conscious customer. These concrete storm shelters are just as safe and have undergone through the same impact testing, they are just a little cheaper. The smallest concrete storm shelter we offer is a 4×6 unit that starts at $2850. This price includes the storm shelter, delivery and installation anywhere in the Tulsa area.


We also manufacture some of the strongest safe rooms in the nation and will happily compare our units to any others. They’re typically installed in your garage and are anchored to the slab using Hilti anchors. Our smallest safe room is 4×4 and will hold 2-4 people and start at $3399. This price includes the safe room, delivery and installation anywhere in the Tulsa area.


There are rebates for storm shelters and safe rooms all across Oklahoma. All Oklahoma homeowners are eligible to apply for the SoonerSafe Rebates that are awarded annually to 500 people. There are also some county-specific and city-specific rebate programs available. To see if any are available are in your area, contact your county’s and city’s Department of Emergency Management and ask if they have any rebates available for storm shelters. If they do, they will be the ones administering the program and will be able to tell you how to apply.