SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Process

Here at Great Plains Storm Shelters we want to make things simple. We like simple things. It makes life easier.

With all the confusing and conflicting information about the SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program, we’ve decided to give you a first-hand account of how the step-by-step process on how the safe room rebate program works. I myself was a lucky winner of one of the rebates so I want to simply the rebate process down for you and tell you how the rebate program works.

  1. You must register for the SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate program by filling out an application online.
  2. Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management picks the winners annually, usually the first week of January
  3. If you win, they notify you by email
    • If you don’t win you’re automatically included in next year’s drawing.
  4. You have 30 days to respond to their notification email to let them know whether you will be participating in the rebate program by purchasing a qualified storm shelter or safe room. To confirm your participation in the SoonerSafe program you log in to your SoonerSafe account online, the one you registered with, and click the confirm button. If you opt out or don’t respond to this email they will award someone else with your rebate.
  5. You then have until September 30th of that year to have your qualified storm shelter or safe room installed.
  6. Once installed you print off a SoonerSafe Certificate of Installation. You can download a copy here.
  7. Fill out your SoonerSafe Certificate of Installation and email or mail it to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.
  8. Once received, they will also request you to send in a W9
  9. 6-8 weeks after that you will receive your rebate in the mail.
  10. ——— tries to keep you updated on everything in Oklahoma as far as safe room rebates are concerned. If you’re selected as a SoonerSafe Rebate Recipient we manufacture storm shelters and safe rooms that qualify for the rebate, so contact us today!

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