Safe Rooms

All the safe rooms on the market are built somewhat alike. Being above ground you want to have the strongest safe room you can get.  A safe room’s strength comes from the internal steel framework. Ours is among the strongest in the nation. Our framework is built on top of 3″ angles that’s ¼” thick then throughout the safe room its constructed using 2″ square tubing that is also ¼” thick.  The framing is built with centers no larger than 16″.  We then use 3/16″ plates on the exterior of the safe room. Finally, the safe room is anchored into your concrete slab using Hilti Anchors.




Width Length Price* Recommended Occupancy
4′ 4′ $3399 2-4
3′ 5′ $3699 2-4
4′ 6′ $3999 4-6
4′ 8′ $4599 6-8
6′ 6′ $4899 8-10
6′ 8′ $5199 10-12
Height 6’3″
Custom Size Call/Text (918) 352-6143 or email us for a quote.


Width Length Price* Recommended Occupancy
4′ 4′ $ 2-4
4′ 6′ $ 4-6
4′ 8′ $ 6-8
6′ 6′ $ 8-10
6′ 8′ $ 10-12
8′ 8′ $ 12-14

* Prices include safe room, sales tax, installation and delivery within 50 miles of Tulsa, OK


Option Price
Custom Color (of your choice) $300 (and you keep the remaining paint)
Bench $100 (only available on 4×8, 6×6 and 6×8 models)
Electrical box $5/ea
Texturing & Coloring
Run electricity to safe room Call/Text (918) 352-6143 or email us for a quote.

Click here for further details about our safe room options.


Safe rooms come with a limited lifetime workmanship warranty.*

* Please note: Any modifications to, negligence, misuse or abuse of the safe room will void the warranty.


We work closely with a few banks around Oklahoma that offer special safe room financing. With approved credit there’s no reason you can’t get 2.99% financing for your safe room We recommend contacting Communications Federal Credit Union (download promo flyer here) at (800) 654-LOAN or you can apply online at their website. Alternatively, you can contact Tulsa Teachers Credit Union at (918) 749-TTCU. Click here to read more about safe room financing.


Exterior Skin: 3/16″ Plates
Internal Framework: 2″ Square Tubing, ¼” Thick
Bottom Framework: 3″ x 3″ x ¼”
Door Framework: 1½” Square Tubing, ⅛” Thick
Locks: Three (3) BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 Dead Bolt
Secondary Locks: Four (4) ⅝” Sliding Pin Locks
Vent: 8″ Vent on Roof
Anchoring: Hilti ⅝” x 4¾” Concrete Wedge Anchors
Double Skinned Door (Exterior Skin: 3/16″and Interior Skin: 12ga)
3 Heavy Duty Removable Steel Door Hinges
24″ Wide Door (32″ ADA Compliant Door Available)
Door opens to the inside to keep debris from blocking the door
Door is removable in case of emergency