Storm Shelters

We build underground storm shelters that are made out of 12ga steel and are welded together. Upon opening the door you have a staircase that is 30″ wide to walk down. There are 8 steps to the bottom of the storm shelter. We have benches in our storm shelters that sit 20″ high along both sides and across the back wall. Additionally, you will find non-skid tape on the steps and carpeting on the benches and floors. We spray an asphaltic tar on the exterior of the storm shelter to help prevent against rust and corrosion. The door and the inside of the shelter are painted an enamel white.




Width Length Price* Recommended Occupancy**
6′ 6′ $4599 6-8
6′ 8′ $4799 8-10
6′ 10′ $5499 10-12
6′ 12′ $6299 12-14
Height 6’3″
8′ 8′ $6199 10-14
8′ 10′ $6999 12-16
8′ 12′ $7999 16-20
8′ 14′ $9299 20-24
Height 6’8″


Width Length Price* Recommended Occupancy**
5′ 7′ $2650 6-8
6′ 8′ $2650 8-10
4′ 11′ $2899 8-10
7′ 10′ $3750 12-16
4′ 6′ $2500 4-6
5′ 7′ $2650 6-8
7′ 10′ $3650 12-16

* Prices include storm shelter, sales tax, installation and delivery within 50 miles of Tulsa, OK.
** Recommended occupancy is seating room for adults. There’s additional standing room for that many more adults.


Option Price
Dirt removal $300
Cutback roof $150
Turbine vent $150
Second handrail $10
Electrical box $5/ea
Stamping/Coloring $400
Run electricity to storm shelter Call/Text (918) 352-6143 or email us for a quote.

Click here for further details about our storm shelter options.


We warranty our storm shelters for twenty (20) years*. If your shelter floats or leaks, we will fix it. No questions asked.

* Please note: Any modifications to, negligence, misuse or abuse of the storm shelter will void the warranty.


We work closely with a few banks around Oklahoma that offer special storm shelter financing. With approved credit there’s no reason you can’t get 2.99% financing for your storm shelter. We recommend contacting Communications Federal Credit Union (download promo flyer here) at (800) 654-LOAN or you can apply online at their website. Alternatively, you can contact Tulsa Teachers Credit Union at (918) 749-TTCU. Click here to read more about storm shelter financing.


Our storm shelters are head and shoulders above the competition. During the installation we anchor the storm shelters into the ground using 4-8 yards of concrete depending on size, to prevent it from floating. Our storm shelters are completely underground, except for the door which sticks up about 6″ from ground level and is 5′ long x 2.5″ wide. The door is spring loaded to make opening it easy. There are three (3) ⅝” Sliding Pin locks on the door along with a vent. As you go down the stairway you will have a handrail all the way down to assist you. The steps are welded on and are 10″ x 29″ with non-skid tape on them. There are 10″ between every step and are quite easy to go down. When you get into the shelter you will notice that we have 14″ wide benches along both walls and across the back wall. You will also notice the carpet that’s on the floor and glued down to the benches. We paint the interior of the storm shelters and the door an enamel white.